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How to find queryTree.bf in new version?!? (Read 89 times)
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How to find queryTree.bf in new version?!?
Nov 27th, 2012 at 11:16am
I started using HYPHY version 0.9920070529beta for MacOSX.  My colleague wrote me a batch file to conduct positive selection assays. This program called the file queryTree.bf in one of the HYPHY application folders. When I looked at my application folder in version 0.99 I could see a TemplateBatchFiles folder where the queryTree.bf was stored.

I recently upgraded to version 2.0. I now receive an error when I try to run HYPHY with my batch file since it cannot find the queryTree.bf file. When I look in my application folder I do not see the HYPHY subfolders as I did in version 0.99. What is the new location for the queryTree.bf file? How do I use my batch file in the newer version?
Thank you!
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Re: How to find queryTree.bf in new version?!?
Reply #1 - Nov 28th, 2012 at 4:34am
Hi there,

In the 2.0 version all the folders are inside the application bundle: you can control click on the icon and select "Show Package Contents" to reveal all the files.

The standard way to include this file is to use something like

ExecuteAFile        (HYPHY_LIB_DIRECTORY + "TemplateBatchFiles" + DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR + "queryTree.bf");

This will make use of the built-in HYPHY_LIB_DIRECTORY variable which should be set to the right value automatically.

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