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GetInformation is a utility command that returns a matrix whose contents vary upon the parameter value.



 GetInformation (receptacle, object);



  • receptacle: The matrix variable to receive the data
  • object: The object whose information is to be retrieved. Below is the list of object types and return values:
Example Explanation
Number The value of the variable, and the lower and upper bounds on the range as a 1x3 matrix(eg. \{\{var, lower, upper\}\})
Category A two column matrix with a row per rate class, with column one containing the rates and column 2 containing the probabilities for the rates.
Tree node The rate matrix at that node (numeric). If the node has no associated rate matrix, the return value will be a 1x1 matrix whose value is not meaningful.
Likelihood function A string column vector containing the names of category variables the function depends on. The order is the same as that used for building marginal likelihood matrices.
Data Set Filter A string column, where each string is a sequence, ordered the same way they are in the filter.
A "" enclosed string literal Finds all defined variable names which match the regular expression defined in the string.

If GetInformation was passed an invalid object, a 0x0 matrix is returned.


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