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HyPhy on my PC is shutting down unexpectedly (Read 663 times)
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HyPhy on my PC is shutting down unexpectedly
Nov 30th, 2010 at 10:30am

HyPhy on my PC is shutting down unexpectedly (error message reads: HyPhy.exe has stopped working).  I'm working on section 2.2 Local Branch Parameters in the manual.  On page 13 the directions state "Double click on the tree name in the parameter table (which I understood to mean the likelihood parameters table) once again to open another instance of the tree window - very useful for side by side comparison."  When I attempt this the program shuts down.  

I appreciate any suggestions you might have.

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Re: HyPhy on my PC is shutting down unexpectedly
Reply #1 - Dec 2nd, 2010 at 6:51am
Hi Nick,

Sorry that HyPhy has been crashing on you. The Windows version is not being actively maintained (unfortunately), because none of the primary developers use Windows routinely (we use OS X and Linux). I would, however, like to track down the source of your issues and fix it.

I tried opening two windows for the same tree from the LikelihoodFunction table, and the program did not crash. Could you possibly provide an exact sequence of steps that leads to a reproducible crash on your machine? Does following the example in section 2.2 accomplish this?

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